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Schools and/or districts can connect with the VPA on any of the below opportunities to talk through needs, available dates, and cost structures. Note: These opportunities are in addition to the available Center for Creative Learning 1/2 Day Workshops.

Trauma Informed Schools

Being a trauma informed school is not a new concept, but has never been more needed or relevant than now. The VPA can offer support in this work that is tailored to your school / district specific needs. We can offer professional learning workshops or more ongoing learning opportunities if that is needed. For more information, please contact the VPA. 

VPA School or District Coaching

Stability at the school leadership position is vitally important for positive student outcomes (Review of Relevant Research). In response to the challenges that turnover causes school districts and the impact on student learning, the VPA offers coaching to districts and to individuals who want to elevate their leadership to a new level. Learn More: VPA Coaching Program.

Effective Learning Environment Practices Workshop

This workshop focuses on the development of effective classroom management and teaching reflective practices. Some educators struggle with unwanted student behaviors that impact the opportunity for a safe and healthy learning environment. This workshop focuses on strategies for educators that build  high expectations and real time support for unwanted student behavior. This workshop focuses on strategies that build strong relationships with students while holding students accountable for high expectations which ultimately alleviates unwanted behaviors. 

Participants will learn how to:

  • Teach and facilitate shared expectations along with teaching content
  • Develop classroom norms, procedures and process to ensure a positive learning environment
  • Discipline, not punish, as necessary in a way that affirms student dignity 
  • Provide feedback to students on behavior using the SBI research method
  • Learn the 7 C’s of classroom Climate
  • Utilize the zone of proximal development to make sure students are engaged
  • Design the physical learning environment in a student-friendly manner


“The staff absolutely loved the session! They really appreciated the energy and the positivity. They also really liked how they got some practical ideas.  At least two staff members rearranged their rooms from the activity we did. Many folks came up to me afterwards to say that it was a great session.”  -Erika Schneider, Director, Hartford Area Career and Technology Center

“Not only was the content “spot-on”, but the delivery, tone and pace was just what we were looking for. Frankly, I thought it was one of the best we’ve had here for our staff in some time.” -Scott Farnsworth Assistant Director Hartford Area Career & Technology Center

Leading Proficiency Based Learning

In the past ten years, proficiency based learning has been through many iterations in Vermont schools. Whether your school/district is just starting, or renewing the conversation, we can provide content and leadership in helping to lead proficiency based learning in practical ways for meaningful shifts in reporting, instruction, assessment, and most importantly–student learning. For more information about this service, please contact the VPA.

Lessons in Leadership with Ted Lasso & More

Positive culture shaped by school personnel has never been more important and lays the foundation for everyone’s success. Participants in this full day workshop will be inspired to apply 6 high leverage, research based practices from Ted Lasso and other great leadership researchers to optimize your school culture where everyone thrives. We will take a look at Ted Lasso’s play book of Knowing Your Why,  The Power of Trust, The Power of Inspiring, Growing Your People, Relationships, Servant Leadership and Collective Efficacy. Participants will engage in reflection, meaningful dialogue with colleagues and laughter.

“Hands down the best training day I’ve experienced in years. So relevant. Jay and Erica made the examples so relatable. You know they’ve been in the trenches and continue to work for our students, and administrators.. Teachers too….I think every administrator should attend The Ted Lasso training. It was so engaging and poignant.” -Melinda Mascolino, Director of Early Childhood Education, Lamoille North Supervisory Union

Exploring the Risks of Digital Addiction

This presentation can be customized to be a presentation or workshop to staff, community, or students and will explore the increasing awareness of the risk and impacts of digital addiction for youth and adults alike. Provided by VPA staff (Mike McRaith) this content and facilitation examines the scale of the issue and its impacts. It includes updates on the ongoing lawsuits among several states against large social media companies on behalf of youth and the intersection on mental health. It provides information on the current landscape among schools as new policies and procedures begin to take shape regarding reduced access to personal devices and increased direct instruction on the risks of digital addiction and best practices for responsible use.