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1st date to practiceMarch 25, 2024
1st date to playApril 8, 2024
Last date to playJune 1, 2024
Applications DueJune 2, 2024
Pairings PostedJune 3, 2024
PlaydownsJune 4/5, 2024
QuarterfinalsJune 7/8, 2024
Semi-FinalsJune 10/11, 2024
State FinalsTBA

Individual Singles and Doubles (Fri-Sun)

May 30-June 1


The tennis guidelines are for tennis team regular season, team championships, and the Individual singles and doubles championships.  Vermont schools are to use the 5-2 format for all divisions.  Game scoring will use No-Ad, (at 40-40 deuce, one point will be played to decide the game).  The receiving player will have the choice of court in which to receive. Set scores will be 2 out of 3. For the third set, a match breaker (tiebreaker to 10), will be used in determining the winner.  All scoring is team scoring.

Note – All schools must submit their match line-up cards for every match to Tim Albertson,

The VPA point index system will be used for determining state championship tournament draw seeding.


Regular Season/Tournament- If a coach deems a playing surface to be unsafe at the time of the match, the court will not be used.

Schools must have a minimum of 3 courts in order to host a match.

If during the regular season a school has questions/concerns about the playing surface of a court(s), this should be referred to the Tennis Committee immediately.


There will be no tolerance for negative statements or actions between opposing players or spectators and players, especially trash talking, taunting, or baiting of opponents.  If such comments are heard, a point penalty will be assessed immediately. In addition, unreasonable delays between points (25 seconds), game changeovers (60 seconds), or disruptive behavior will also result in a point penalty.

Player, ball, racquet, or language abuse will not be tolerated.  All line calls and scoring will be made by players themselves without interjection by coaches, other players, or spectators.  First offense is a point, the second offense is a match penalty.  It is the responsibility of either coach to immediately assess penalties.

Any match disqualification will result in a two game suspension for the player. This penalty would result in the team line up being filled from the bottom up during the suspension. This would follow the VPA’s guidelines for disqualifications. Adopted 2023

Unsportsmanlike conduct may result in disqualification with a team point awarded to the opponent.  

The home team coach or designated site supervisor is responsible for event crowd control. 

Proper tennis/team attire is required.

All cell phones on court are required to be turned off.  Failure to do so will result in a point penalty.

Spectator Behavior: Spectators shall not be viewing the match from the fenceline or encroaching on the fence. Fans shall not cheer or make noises during the point and may cheer after a point has finished, doing so with the understanding that other matches are in play in the near vicinity. 


Each team must be accompanied during the regular season by the team coach.  During tournament season it is recommended that a school administrator or designee also be present. Coaching may occur inside the fence area, without disrupting play to nearby adjacent courts. Only one coach may be inside the fence area. 

Coaching will be allowed during a match at the change of ends for only 60 seconds by a coach. Coaching is allowed on the first game in set changeover.  

There is an optional two minute break at the completion of a set and coaching is allowed.  

Only ONE coach may coach during a changeover (a tiebreaker is not a changeover).

An administrative/logistical correction during a match is not coaching (this does not include call corrections)


There will be no tolerance for unauthorized coaching (parents, players, teammates, or spectators) and will follow the same penalty structure (1st offense being a point penalty, 2nd offense being a match penalty), this will result in a removal from the event for the person in violation. VPA guidelines will be followed. 

Host School will determine a respectful perimeter around the fence to discourage fans from standing directly next to the fence. 

On Court Rules

General Team warm up times should be concluded to allow individual match participants to have full 10 minute warm-up.

It is expected that first matches will start at the scheduled time.

In the case of an injury or sickness occurring during the warm-up of a match and the player cannot continue: a player must be substituted in order of ability of the remaining players yet to start their matches (ie if 1,2,3 singles and 1,2 doubles has taken the court for their warm ups the substitute must come from the 4th singles player and the rest of the lineup will be bumped up). The match in question may also be considered a walkover (forfeited). 

It is the coaches’ responsibility to keep matches moving along in an expedient manner.

Any “out or let” call must be made instantaneously (i.e. before either an opponent has the return or return has gone out of play).  No call keeps the ball considered in play.

The server should announce the set score prior to each service game.  The individual game score should be announced prior to each serve.

If players cannot agree on a score, they must go back to the last score agreed upon and resume play from that point.

Wait until players on another court have completed a point before retrieving or returning a ball, or leaving the court area. 

VPA High School Athletics are an education based system, therefore should a coach need to assist with students-athletes with scoring or serving sides to ensure a fair match, it is permissible. 

All other regular USTA rules apply USTA Guide

Line Up Rules

Format of Play is:  5 singles and 2 doubles.  Each player may only play once during a match.

The order of the Line Up must reflect strength in level and ability of play in your singles players, and doubles teams.

The Home Team calls the order of individual match play for the Team contest.  At least one doubles match must go on in the first round.

Player SubstitutionIn the event of a missing player, all singles players must move up to maintain the integrity of the Line Up.  


If you are missing a player in the number 1 to 5 singles, you must move up the ladder in order.  For Example: if your #2 singles is sick, then your #3 moves to 2, #4 moves to 3, and #5 moves to 4.

What you can do in the #5 singles open spot:

  • You can forfeit #5 singles and leave your two doubles teams intact.
  • You can move one of your doubles players up and put the 10th player in the doubles spot.
  • You can put 10th player in #5 singles spot

Incomplete Line Up for Season:

  • The team must forfeit from the bottom up, i.e. Singles #5, #4…, Doubles #2, Doubles #1.

Protocol for Match in Progress Postponement:

  • Individual matches completed, stand.
  • Individual matches in progress must continue with the same score and same players. If one of the players is not available to complete the match, the absent player forfeits the individual match and a point is awarded to the other team.
  • Individual matches not started may allow for substitution only if the original player is not available.  However, order of strength must still be maintained.
  • If a match is delayed due to weather for 30 minutes or more, players are allowed a 5 minute warm up to resume.

Tournament Guidelines

  1. The application must be electronically filed to the VPA Office no later than 10:00 am on 
  2. The seedings will be Virtual.
  3. Playdowns may begin at the courts of the higher seeded teams.
  4. In the event of inclement weather during playdowns, quarterfinals, or semi-finals, the match between schools will be held at available indoor sites on the same day, or next day at outdoor facilities.
  5. All scoring is the same as regular season.
  6. Line Up order and substitution policy is the same as regular season.
  7. Player substitutions see previous page for procedures.
  8. The match shall be deemed to have begun after the coaches have exchanged lineups and first serve has been made in that individual match.
  9. Singles in order 1 – 5, and Doubles in order 1 – 2.  1 doubles must be in the first round of play.
  10. Scoring: the same as regular season play.
  11. Tennis balls are to be furnished by the host team or higher seed throughout the tournament.  The official ball will be new, yellow, and unopened.
  12. A representative of the VPA will be in attendance at the finals and will make rulings and handle any protests.  A roving umpire will be used and a non partial designee will be in attendance for the Division 1 and II Girls and DI Boys Championships.
  13. Awards will be supplied and presented by the Vermont Principals Association.
  14. Each coach is responsible for their team player’s behavior on and off the court.  Host teams should provide or have water available.
  15. During the VPA state tournament each host school will have an administrator or their designee, other than the coach, present at the event.

Vermont Principals’ Association

Boys and Girls Interscholastic Singles/Doubles State Tennis Championships

Purpose:  This event is for Vermont’s top high school players, giving them an opportunity to compete individually for the 2024 singles and doubles state title. There will be no New England Championships this year.


Singles and Doubles:  Entries must follow the same team roster as presented to the VPA office.  Each team throughout Vermont may enter their top 2 singles players and additional players if the draw permits in the singles tournament.  Each team throughout Vermont may enter one doubles and additional teams if entry in the draw permits. Team may consist of any players other than the #1 and #2 singles.

Scoring:  Same as regular season

Awards:   The top four singles players (losing semi-finalists playoff for spots 3 and 4) and top two doubles teams.  In addition, awards will be given to the school of the singles state champion and the doubles state champion for placement in the schools trophy case.

Entry Deadline:  Friday, May 19, 2023 by 11:00 pm.  $20 late fee for entries accepted after the 11:00 pm deadline. Draws available by noon, May 24, 2023. 

Cost of the Tournament is $30 single and $40 team. Note: Contingency plan for indoor court time.  A one time payment of $10 per person/day fee if inclement weather forces the match indoors.

Sites/Director:  Boys:  Jerry Knickerbocker/Dave Sharkey (Leddy Park)

                           Girls:  Errol Nattrass (Burlington Tennis Club)

Please Submit Payment directly to Meet Directors. Checks should be made out to:  Jerry Knickerbocker (boys) and Burlington Tennis Club (girls)

Note:Payment is required BEFORE first match!

Contact Information:

Jerry Knickerbocker4 Vale DriveEssex Junction, VT 05452
Cell: 802-578-8327

Checks payable to: Jerry Knickerbocker

Site: Leddy Park
Errol Nattrassc/o Burlington Tennis ClubPO Box 143Burlington, VT 05402
Cell: 802-318-3925Work: 802-863-3439
Checks Payable to: Burlington Tennis Club (PLEASE MAIL TO PO BOX! DO NOT USE PHYSICAL LOCATION)
Site:  Burlington Tennis Club

Girls Tennis Scores

Boys Tennis Scores