CCL Extended Offerings 2021-22

Waddington Leadership Initiative, Extended Offerings 2021-22

The VPA is thrilled (!) to again be able to offer a unique set of extended professional learning offerings from the Center for Creative Leadership. The ability to have these comprehensive offerings from spring 2021 through the winter of 2022 is due to the growing partnership among the Center for Creative Leadership and Vermont educators, the positive data resulting in that partnership, and is in response to the challenges and circumstances related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Incredibly, and thanks to the Dr. Margaret Waddington Endowment, there will be no cost to participants.
Background: Margaret Waddington left Vermont schools a great gift – one that could transform school leadership within a decade. The late Dr. Margaret Waddington was one of the many individuals transformed by CCL’s flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)®. So much so that the pioneering neurologist and resident of Rutland became a strong financial supporter of CCL and upon her passing in 2015, entrusted the organization with a multimillion dollar estate gift to ensure ongoing access to leadership development for women, men, and the young people of Vermont. You can learn more about all of the leadership offerings and connections since 2016 at the Waddington Leadership Initiative: VPA Homepage.

BURN BRIGHT & BEYOND BIAS, Asynchronous Courses for Individual Districts/Schools

At no cost to schools/districts, we have asynchronous course offerings of Burn Bright and Beyond Bias available for school leaders to launch in their own districts/schools. These 12 hour courses will occur over four weeks time, and will have enrollment of up to 25 Vermont educators. Each course will have its own Center for Creative Leadership online logistics manager and course moderator. Courses can begin on a timeline that works for the given district, anytime between July 2021 and March 2022. If you are interested in offering a section or two of these courses, at a specific start date with your district or school staff, please connect with Mike McRaith at Participants who complete the course will earn a badge of completion from CCL and a certificate of completion from the VPA with 13 hours of professional learning listed.

  • What is Burn Bright-The Resilience Advantage? (Burn Bright Flyer) In the face of dramatically changing circumstances, stress is a growing problem. Low levels of resilience take a toll on educators’ health, mood, cognitive capacity, and productivity. Through CCL’s global research and practice, we can help leaders understand the importance of resilience and learn practical ways to enhance both personal and team effectiveness.
  • What is Beyond Bias? (Beyond Bias Flyer) Bias prevents the brain from maximizing the use of information. Unrestrained bias will impede an organization’s ability to drive results. Using CCL’s proprietary SCRIPt™ framework, we train the brain to cooperate by adapting Beyond Bias. Based on scientifically validated research by CCL’s Global Research and Evaluation Team and decades of practice, this asynchronous digital solution works across industries and at scale.

For VPA Members: (Membership)

  • VPA Members have had the chance to be considered for enrollment in Waddington Cohorts 2.1 & 2.2. The application was open to alumni of cohorts 1-9. For more information view VPA’s Waddington Webpage. Waddington Cohorts 2.1 and 2.2  have the opportunity to engage their schools/districts with a full Systemic (Student) Leadership Bundle, which includes but is not limited to: Leadership Indicators for Students, Social Emotional Leadership Course for Teachers (25 seats), and Teacher Collective Efficacy Course (25 seats).
  • Invitations for application to Waddington Cohort 11 are expected to go out in LEADs in the summer of 2021, with enrollment beginning in June of 2022.
  • All 2021-22 VPA members will be gifted a one-year license to ELLA. ELLA is the Center for Creative Leadership’s personalized leadership app. Members will be contacted directly by CCL in late July of 2021 to sign up with login and subscription information.
  • VPA Members will have the chance to own sets of the CCL trademarked Leadership Card Decks, including, Experience Explorer Cards, Values Explorer Cards, Leadership Essentials, and Large Visual Explorer Cards. 
  • VPA Members will also be the first to be notified of all professional learning opportunities in this rollout via the weekly newsletter, LEADs.

For Academy Participants (Register for 2021 Academy)

  • VPA 2021 Academy participants will have the chance to hear from Wednesday morning’s keynote speaker Dr. Roger Goddard on Collective Efficacy, and sign up for Dr. Goddard’s daylong strand or CCL’s Susan Reinecke’s daylong strand, “Leadership Across the School”.