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Professional Learning & Support

September 13th
Women in Leadership Conference

Welcome to the 2nd Annual Women in Leadership Conference, co-hosted by the Vermont Superintendents Association and the Vermont Principals’ Association. We look forward to your participation as we celebrate Women in Leadership and build strength going forward, together.

Credit-Based Course Options
Two VPA Course Offerings for 2024-25

The VPA is offering two different courses for credit in the 2024-25 school year.

Leading Vermont Schools is facilitated by VPA Executive Director, Jay Nichols. The target audience is new and/or new to Vermont school leaders.

Leadership in Education 2.0 is facilitated by VPA staff, Erica McLaughlin and Mike McRaith. The target audience are Vermont educational leaders with experience, whether that is early, mid, or late career.

attempt 2
VPA Leadership Academy 2024

Get together with school leaders from around the state and connect for shared learning and colleagueship as we look towards the 24-25 school year. Come with a team, with a colleague, or come on your own and make new connections!

BCE & Step up to Conflict

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VPA Office
November 19th, 2024
March 27th, 2025

The VPA is offering two proven workshops as open enrollments. The dates have been selected to best suit Vermont Athletic Directors and these registrations are open to all Vermont educators.

Led by Dr. Joelle van Lent
Creating a Thriving School Ecosystem for Staff and Students: Building Psychological Safety

Monthly Online Cohort
Begins Sept 12th, 2024
3:30 to 4:30pm

Creating a work and learning environment where everyone can thrive does not happen by accident. he VPA is offering this seven session workshop series led by Dr. Joelle van Lent, Clinical Psychologist, along with Veteran Principal, and VPA Assistant Executive Director, Erica McLaughlin. Participants will examine brain science and leadership lessons that help to cultivate an optimal setting for staff and students to do their best.

Best Practices & Considerations for Vermont Educators in the 2024 Presidential Election Cycle

Each four years students around the country have the opportunity to learn a great deal about civics, democracy, and history during presidential elections. Educators can help students make the most of these learning opportunities through proactive planning in several important areas: student readiness for discussion and debate; freedom of speech rights-on and off of school grounds; student activism and organizing; and local community engagement.


Act One of 2019 was a unanimous decision by Vermont legislatures to enact ethnic and social equity learning standards for the state of Vermont. A primary focus for the ensuing working group was to revise Vermont’s top educational document, the Educational Quality Standards (EQS). Officially adopted on April 17th, 2024, the revised EQS are set to go into action for the 2025-26 school year. The implications are comprehensive across the educational setting and include actionable items for school boards, superintendents, teachers, and school leadership.

Currently Enrolling

  • Mentor Training
    Date(s): Rolling
    Mode: Multiple Options
    Hours: 3.5 hrs
    Target Audience: Experienced School Leaders, Retired School Leaders
    Cost: No cost to VPA Members
  • Women in Leadership Conference
    Date(s): September 13th
    Mode: In-Person Conference
    Hours: 7 Professional Learning Hours
    Access: Killington Grand, Killington VT
    Target Audience: Women in Leadership & Aspiring Leaders
    Cost: $315
  • 2024 Leadership Academy
    Date(s): July 30-August 1
    Mode: In-Person Conference
    Hours: 16 professional learning hours
    Target Audience: Vermont School Leaders
    Cost: Multiple Options
  • Leading Vermont Schools, Course
    Mode: In-Person or Online
    Hours: Optional, 4 St. Mike’s Graduate Credits
    Topics: This Principal cohort will meet once a month to explore how effective principals deal with the multiple roles and responsibilities of a Vermont building leader, balancing the practical daily issues while impacting student learning. Vermont’s leading experts, from the Secretary of Education to the Education Finance Manager present to this cohort, giving these principals a personal connection to leaders in Vermont education.
    Target Audience: New Vermont School Leaders
    Cost: $1900 with 4 credits, $1350 w/o credits
  • Leadership in Education, 2.0
    Date(s): 9/18, 10/16, 11/14, 1/15, 2/11, 3/25
    Mode: In-Person
    Hours: 36 contact hours in 6 in-person meetings, 9am to 3pm + 9 independent hours = 45 total
    Topics: Through a combination of provided content, discussions, case studies, and practical exercises, participants will develop a deep understanding of key leadership concepts and strategies related to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), core values, budgets, trauma-informed school practices, supervision and evaluation, hiring, retention, recruitment, data-driven decision making, and multi-tiered systems of support (MTSS) planning.
    Access: Location: Berlin VT, VSBIT office
    Target Audience: Experienced Vermont Educational Leaders (early, mid, or late career)
    Cost: $1,500 with 3 Vermont State University graduate credits included
  • Better Conversations Every Day & Step Up to Conflict
    Date(s): Nov 19 & March 27
    Mode: In-Person
    Hours: 11 hours (total possible)
    Topics: Leadership Development, Conflict Management Skills
    Target Audience: Athletic Directors & All VT Educators
    Cost: $650 for Both or $400 & $300 Separately
  • Hours: 1.5
    Topics: Proactive Planning for Civil Discourse & Learning
    Target Audience: School Leaders & Teachers
    Cost: $25
  • Revised EQS, Preparing for Implementation in 2025-26
    Date(s): Begins Sept. 26th
    Mode: In-Person
    Hours: 25 (5 Days, 9am to 2pm each)
    Topics: ACT 1, EQS, IRIS
    Access: 2 Prospect St. Montpelier, VT
    Target Audience: School Leaders, District Leaders, Teacher Leaders
    Cost: $475

Bring the VPA to You

Contact the VPA to review available dates and costs in bringing the VPA to your learning community.

Asynchronous Resources

  • VPA Podcast
    Mode: Audio
    Topics: School and Athletics Leadership
    Access: Archived Episodes
    Target Audience: All
  • Topics: Varied
    Access: Open
    Target Audience: All
  • Equity Initiative
    Mode: Reading/Links
    Topics: School Leadership Contracts
    Access: Open
    Target Audience: School Leaders
  • Social Emotional Learning Bundles (CCL)
    Mode: Online Course/Materials
    Hours: 20
    Topics: Social Emotional Learning
    Access: Email VPA if interested
    Target Audience: School Leaders and Teachers

Annual Cohorts

  • Waddington Leadership Initiative
    Date(s): Applications to Cohorts–typically are open in Late October each year
    Mode: In-Person
    Hours: 52
    Topics: School Leadership
    Target Audience: School, District, & Aspiring Leaders
  • Community of Care
    Date(s): Enrolls each summer
    Mode: Online
    Hours: 10.5
    Topics: Community Care Leadership, Current Events
    Target Audience: School, District, & Teacher Leaders
  • Leading Vermont Schools with Jay Nichols
    Date(s): Enrolls each spring
    Mode: In-Person
    Hours: 4 course credits with St. Mikes
    Topics: School Leadership in Vermont, led by Jay Nichols
    Target Audience: New School Leaders, New to VT School Leaders, & Aspiring
  • VPA Leadership Course 2.0
    Date(s): Enrolls each Spring/Summer
    Mode: In-Person
    Hours: 3 graduate credits with VSU (6 full day meetings through the school year)
    Topics: Communication, Budgets, Equity Leadership, Leadership Development & More
    Target Audience: Active School Leaders

Ongoing VPA Supports

Partner Resources/Events

  • Co-Teaching Institute, Demonstrated Success
    Date(s): June 24 and 25, 2024
    Mode: In-Person
    Topics: efficient co-planning meetings. effective full or part-time co-taught classrooms. shared responsibilities in assessment instruction and classroom management. improving communication flow and expectations to paraprofessionals and other school specialists.
    Target Audience: classroom teachers, special education teachers, administrators, specialists, paraprofessionals
    Cost: $510 for the 2 days, 10% discount for teams of 6+

    Location: Kittery, ME

    This institute will support school professionals who are looking to establish or improve practices along a co-teaching continuum, including efficient co-planning meetings, effective full or part-time co-taught classrooms, shared responsibilities in assessment instruction and classroom management, and improving communication flow and expectations to paraprofessionals and other school specialists.

    Learn More.

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  • Community Navigator Pilot Program
    Mode: In-Person or Online
    Topics: Increasing access on business development for women, BIPOC, veterans, and rural locations
    Target Audience: School Leaders, Teacher Leaders, and Youth