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The Vermont Principals’ Association offers the Vermont Principals’ Association Member Scholarship to graduating seniors. The United States Senate Youth Program Scholarship for juniors and seniors is also available through the VPA.

VPA Member Scholarship

Each school year, the Vermont Principals’ Association (VPA) will award $500 scholarships to high school seniors who are the children of VPA members. If you are interested in being considered, please send this form and supporting materials, postmarked no later than May 3, 2024. The scholarships will be announced in June, and will be awarded pending enrollment in their first year of college.

The United States Senate Youth Program Scholarship

The United States Senate Youth Senate Program presents an outstanding opportunity for our best and brightest high school juniors and seniors. Leadership, academic achievement, clear speech and logical thought process, and community involvement are the desired qualities set forth by the program. Applications due by October 23rd, 2023.