Waddington Leadership Initiative

Margaret Waddington left Vermont schools a great gift – one that could transform school leadership within a decade.

The late Dr. Margaret Waddington was one of the many individuals transformed by CCL’s flagship Leadership Development Program (LDP)®. So much so that the pioneering neurologist and resident of Rutland became a strong financial supporter of CCL and upon her passing in 2016, entrusted the organization with a multimillion dollar estate gift to ensure ongoing access to leadership development for women, men, and the young people of Vermont.

Waddington Leadership Initiative Announcement

Waddington Background Powerpoint

CCL Leadership Development Roadmap

Efficacy Report (November 2020)

CCL Senior Evaluation Faculty Member, Dr. Micela Leis, has put together highlights of the data collected through Cohort #7.

View 1 Page Efficacy Report, Highlighted Data (PDF Version)

View Longitudinal Study (16 PDF Slide Version)

Congratulations to the VT School Leaders now enrolled in WADDINGTON COHORT 10

  • Session 1 Date Ranges: June 21, 2021 – July 2, 2021 in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Campus of the Center for Creative Leadership (This is a three-day training)
  • Session 2 Date Ranges: September 20, 2021-October 4, 2021 to be held in Vermont. Site to be determined.(This is a two-day training)
  • Session 3 Date Ranges: March 22, 2022- April 2, 2022 to be held in Vermont. Site to be determined. (This is a two-day training)


Cohort #1

Cohort #2

Cohort #3

Cohort #4

Cohort #5

Cohort #6

Cohort #7

Completed: Additional Dates Announced for Alumni, Spring 2020 (announced 4/23/2020)

Completed: Waddington Alumni Opportunity Announced for Spring 2020 (announced 4/14/2020)