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VT Principal Chris Young, Named NASSP National Advocacy Champion of the Year

The honor, given annually to a school leader who has worked to elevate the voices of school leaders in federal, state, and local policy decisions, couldn’t have gone to a more deserving recipient. Young has fervently worked to give principals a voice in the decisions that most affect them and their students, leveraging his platforms as the 2023 Vermont Principal of the Year, the NASSP Vermont State Coordinator, and the President-Elect of the Vermont Principals’ Association. (Full Announcement from NASSP)

March 1, 2024

It has been brought to the VPA’s attention that there are some concerns about the lack of handshake between member schools, Hazen and Winooski boys’ basketball on 2/29. This was a determination made by the VPA as part of a predetermined plan with the given programs. Each team competed with great effort and all-around positive support from coaches and fans. The well-being of the student-athletes and relationship between these two programs is the VPA’s priority. Fans that are concerned about the lack of handshake can direct their comments to the VPA as it was our decision and is not reflective of either program. We are grateful to have had the chance to work closely with the coaches and school leaders and look forward to the exciting games ahead in this year’s winter tournament.

Announcing the VPA Hall of Fame Class of 2024

Seven standout student-athletes, 3 accomplished coaches, an outstanding advisor, and one excellent official have been selected for induction into the Hall of Fame for the Vermont Principals’ Association in May. Below is a list of the 2024 VPA inductees with brief biographical information on their outstanding achievements and strong sportsmanship through involvement with VPA activities. Since the creation of the Hall of Fame in 2001, the VPA has honored nearly 300 student-athletes, coaches/advisors, administrators, officials, media members, and contributors for their efforts on behalf of students across Vermont. (Full Press Release)

VPA Testimony, S.203, 2/16/24

First, I’d like to thank Senators Gulick, Baruth, Hashim, and Perchlik for their clear
understanding, as evidenced by this bill to address the composition of the State Board of
Education, in recognizing that our current state board composition and construct should be
updated. (full written testimony)

VPA Testimony on S.303, 2/14/24

First, I do agree that our reading scores should be better. I will remind the committee that one of
the strongest levers we have to improve reading scores and overall literacy skills is to offer free
publicly available prekindergarten for all children and that the VPA has been on the record
advocating for this for several years now and all of the research supports this need. (full written testimony)