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Sideline Conversations – JJ Castillo

Introducing Sideline Conversations: a podcast for those that are interested in athletics and sport. We’re hoping to connect with those who were athletes, are athletes or work with athletes, to build some connection between what athletes go through and how it connects to their life and their career. We’re looking to see how athletics connects to everyday lives and hoping that the guests we are able to cultivate and bring in can bring some insights and some revelations to many of you and maybe some connections that you also feel in your day to day life.

My first podcast is with a former student-athlete of mine from La Quinta, California, JJ Castillo. I thought of JJ for this because he is an incredible soccer player and a first generation Mexican American. His dreams of playing professional soccer didn’t pan out but his journey evolved into working in the soccer industry in a different way! His story and outlook is so positive, give it a listen!