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Part 3: Vermont: Diversifying the Educator Workforce Series, with Glennys Sánchez and Leah Tuckman

In this episode, we talk with Glennys Sánchez and Leah Tuckman of the Great Schools Partnership. We talk about the research and reports that have been conducted the past few years in regards to the needs for diversifying the educator workforce in New England including the Call to Action for Increasing the Racial, Ethnic, and Linguistic Diversity of the Educator Workforce (2020) and the Regional Landscape Report Snapshot (2022). Now, with support from the BARR Foundation, the Great Schools Partnership is hosting a series of Community of Practice convenings with different stakeholders from around New England. Those convenings aim to bring together and support leaders to facilitate sharing, collaboration, and coordination across the region to work towards a common goal: accelerating efforts to diversify the educator workforce.