Executive Council

VPA Executive Council (from The VPA Bylaws)

“There shall be an Executive Council of fifteen (15) members consisting of the President and President-elect of the Corporation, the NASSP Coordinator and the NAESP State Representative, Past President, Associate/Assistant Principal, Technical Director elected at an annual meeting of the Corporation; and eight (8) member-representatives. The terms of office for the member-representatives shall begin on July 1 following election by the school members and continue for two consecutive three (3) year terms or when an officer’s term of office is over. In cases of vacancies, the Council will appoint the representative to complete the year (i.e., ending the following June 30). The appointee will be able to serve two of his/her own full terms starting with the next year.

Whenever there are openings, the Executive Council shall strive to achieve a balance of its membershipby considering factors as level of assignment, size of school, gender, and geographical distribution.

The Executive Council shall act as the governing body of the Corporation. The Council shall do the following:

  1. Establish a budget for the member school funds;
  2. Budget for professional dues and funds;
  3. Approve an annual budget and audit;
  4. Exercise authority and supervision to control expenditures made by officers and employees designated by the Executive Council to have initial authority to make such expenditures;
  5. Oversee the work of its standing committees (Activity Standards Committee and The Professional Learning and Support Committee);
  6. Appoint any other necessary committees and delegate responsibilities to those committees.

Further, the Council shall have the authority to appoint any necessary committees and delegate responsibilities to those committees. The Executive Council may act in regular or special meetings, and may conduct meetings by electronic means. Regular meetings will occur at least four times in the calendar year at such times as will be established by the Executive Council. Special meetings may be called if at least three (3) council members request it. The Executive Director shall send notice of regular or special meetings to all council members. A majority of the members of the Executive Council constitutes a quorum for the transaction of business.”


2020 – 2021 Executive Council

Bob Thibault, President, Principal, Leland and Gray School, Townshend
Beth O’Brien, President Elect, Principal, Richford Schools
Joan Cavallo, Principal, St. Albans City School
Erica McLaughlin, NAESP/Federal Relations Representative, Principal, Randolph Elementary School
April Lane, Principal, Brighton Elementary School
Pam Arnold, Retired Member
Nathan Demar, Director, Cold Hollow Career Center, Enosburgh
Rebecca Fillion, Principal, Twin Valley Elementary School, Wilmington
Steve Perrin, Principal, Brattleboro Union High School
Jim Avery, Principal, Otter Valley Union High School
Chris Young, Principal, North Country High School
Sarah Merrill, Principal, Arlington Elementary School
Adam Bunting, Principal, Champlain Valley Union High School
Erica LeClair, Principal, Colchester High School
Holly Rouelle, Principal, Chamberlain School
VPA Staff
Jay Nichols, VPA Executive Director
Bob Johnson, VPA Associate Executive Director