2021 Academy Strand Descriptions, August 4th

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School Transformation, Moving Past a Deficit-Based Approach with Taylor Harper

  • To view any human through an “At-risk” lens is a deficit-based approach.  ANY one of us can be deemed “at-risk” if we focus on deficits, weaknesses, and negative traits. Our young people may come to us through a gauntlet of challenges, but they bring with them powerful stories, real experiences of learning and vibrant perspectives and ideas. This workshop will immerse you the Secret Culture Sauce that Taylor has used in every setting she’s been a part of; places where culture is developed through LOVE, celebration of differences, exploring individual interests and listening to ALL voices. You’ll leave inspired to bring this Secret Sauce back home with you!
    • This strand will be applicable for anyone who has an interest in learning more about and/or improving School Culture: Community Members, District Level Administrators/Supervisors, Scholars, Teachers/Advisors, Parents. The stories, philosophy, inspiration and tools introduced during this strand can be utilized in any setting to improve culture.

When you get free, we all get free: Toward a radical liberatory leadership praxis in education with Dr. Wendi Williams

  • Premised on the Baldwinian notion that our humanity is integrally and reciprocally linked, this strand centers a focus on theoretical and practical elements with the capacity to lead to liberatory praxis in educational contexts. Dr. Wendi Williams utilizes a psycho-educational approach to facilitate participant:
    • Introduction to an intersectional anti-racist feminist lens approach to leadership.
    • Articulation of the links between theory and practice.
    • Engagement in self and community exploration of barriers and pathways toward radical liberatory leadership praxis.
    • Development of leadership design strategy for participant professional context.

Collective Efficacy with Dr. Roger Goddard

  • “For schools, collective efficacy refers to the perceptions of teachers that the instructional staff as a whole can execute the courses of action necessary to have positive effects on students.” (Goddard, 2001) Building on 20 years of research that demonstrates collective efficacy as a game changer for student achievement, this workshop will provide hands on tools, assessments, and activities designed to help leaders and teams address the four proven ways of developing higher levels of collective efficacy in their schools.

Making Connections – Sustainability, Place and Systems Change with Shelburne Farms

  • The unique challenges and opportunities that define this moment offer pk-12 educators the rare opportunity to transform the public school experience with place-based and outdoor education.   In this hopefully outdoor interactive session, we will explore how and why place-based and outdoor learning lift up our efforts to provide young people with equitable, trauma-informed/healing centered experiences that improve academic performance and support optimal social emotional development.  Together, we’ll explore how we can take transformative action at a variety of scales- the individual student, the classroom, the school, and the community- by surfacing and sharing research, frameworks, and local experiences.  We will endeavor to acknowledge what it is we do now and how we can expand the classroom and school experience out into our Vermont landscape.  We hope to support all educators- teachers and administrators alike, in their efforts to help Vermont schools become socially-just and ecologically-minded places in which to learn and work.

Resilience in 2021: Wisdom & Hope with Dr. Joelle van Lent

  • Dr. van Lent’s leadership strand will combine long held knowledge within the field of resilience and trauma responsive schools with newly acquired wisdom inspired by the adversity experienced by our schools in the 2020-2021 school year.  The focus of this training will be on the well-being of the staff, faculty, and administrators as they continue to navigate complexities and foster their professional and personal resilience.  Participants will learn strategies to build a culture of community care, self-compassion, and resilience. 

Preparing Students for a Multiracial World with Dr. Antony Farag

  • This strand will provide educational leaders with tools informed by Critical Race Theory to reshape district policies, enhance teacher pedagogy, and build student identities. As the world continues to be interconnected through globalization, it is imperative to prepare students in understanding themselves and others in a broader context. This strand will apply theory into practice in order to help educational leaders conceptualize ways to further develop equitable practices and policies in their districts. It will discuss the barriers to equity, how to overcome such barriers, and how to incentivize all stakeholders in pursuing anti-racist education for a globalizing, multiracial world.

Leadership Across the School with Susan Reinecke of the Center for Creative Leadership

  • Join Susan Reinecke and your peers as you experience toolsets, skillsets, and mindsets that will help you integrate leadership development throughout your school, including a focus on student leadership. This session will allow you to network with your peers, exchange your stories of success, and support each other in your enduring challenges. Topics will include: developing teacher leadership with your staff, Social Emotional Leadership measures and strategies for promoting student leadership, and building trust throughout your school.

Building your Learning Recovery Plan with Lynn Kosinski of FranklinCovey

  • (Link to Flyer) The current challenge on the horizon is learning recovery, and it’s imperative we examine that challenge through a lens of equity.  All students, educators & families have experienced trauma because of the pandemic, and that trauma has been exacerbated by inequities in our system.  Beginning at the root of the problem, FranklinCovey Education helps districts and schools confront the unconscious bias inherent in student expectations that research shows leads to the achievement gap.  Through world-class training and coaching, we build a foundation of  time-tested principles and core paradigms that sets the stage for emotional resilience, empowering students who face trauma to develop the leadership skills – self-discipline, vision, collaboration, empathy, creativity, grit – needed to thrive.  While this foundation is being built, we accelerate the academic side of the schoolhouse with our goal tracking process, spurring academic growth and closing learning gaps. To meet the needs of districts and schools struggling to address learning loss, we focus on building emotional resilience and shifting paradigms to produce empowering cultures where individual genius is intentionally recognized.  This builds confidence in students, who now have a stable foundation to begin achieving academically.  Using the framework of The 4 Disciplines of Execution, we zero in on learning gaps by focusing on key goals, acting on lead measures, tracking progress and creating a cadence of accountability.  As students achieve their goals, they build more confidence and begin to make academic gains.  Through continued coaching, curriculum, consulting and customization, we help districts and their schools achieve their strategic goals of mitigating learning loss.